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Active Directory is Microsoft's trademarked directory service, an integral part of the Windows 2000 architecture. Like other directory services, such as Novell Directory Services (), Active Directory is a centralized and standardized system that automates network management of user data, security, and distributed resources, and enables interoperation with other directories. Active Directory is designed especially for distributed networking environments.

Access this complimentary guide to learn how Group Policy and Hyper-V features and capabilities have changed in Windows Server 2016, and discover the key networking, security, and storage benefits these changes offer.

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Active Directory features include:

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Know what Windows Server 2016 benefits can do for your business

VM tagging is an effective tactic for discovering and eliminating zombie VMs. Cut useless VMs, redundant data and confusing ...

Microsoft developed several improvements to Hyper-V Manager in Windows Server 2016. These new Hyper-V features improve VM ...

Just because admins are working in a test/dev environment doesn't mean they can be lax about creating VMs. There are several ...

A cloud migration isn't as easy as some providers suggest. Use these five tips to prep your IT ops teams for the big management ...

Microsoft was early to recognize the potential of cloud as a back-end platform for machine learning, and now, it looks to expand ...

An Azure debugging tool gives admins a better handle on problems when VMs don't boot properly, with a familiar feel for those ...

The pressure is on Exchange administrators to avoid a ransomware outbreak that cripples the on-premises email system. Cloud-based...

Do your homework to find the right option for public folders when making a move to Exchange Online. Here are guidelines to help ...

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Thick dust, noxious smells and ear-splitting noise disrupted what was supposed to be a relaxing getaway on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship.

Vacationers said they shared the two-week voyage from Miami to Los Angeles with a crew of workers on what amounted to a construction site at sea.

Photos shared on Facebook show stockpiles of building supplies, some with hazardous material warnings, sitting side-by-side with lounge chairs on the ship’s decks. Video shot by passengers captured ongoing noise from workers using power tools.

During the trip, large areas of the Norwegian Sun were roped off with caution tape and signs reading “beautification in process” as several of the vessel’s decks were being resurfaced.

Passenger Wayne Jenkins said his wife nearly fainted after becoming overwhelmed by the smell of chemicals.

“I want to know what the heck we were exposed to,” he told CTV Vancouver Island on Monday. “It was full-blown construction going on.”

During the trip, large areas of the Norwegian Sun were roped off with caution tape and signs reading “beautification in process” as several of the vessel’s decks were being resurfaced. The ship is expected to arrive in Victoria this week, where work will continue while the ship is in dry dock.

Some of the more than 2,000 passengers posted photos and video of their experience to a Facebook group dedicated to the March 16 voyage . Some members shared the Material Safety Data Sheets for barrels of primer paint that they snapped photos of.

Others are demanding refunds from Norwegian Cruise Line.

Passenger Jill Davies said she spoke to the Norwegian Sun’s captain about why significant construction work was being done during her vacation.

“It was quite clear it was way beyond their control,” she said. “This was a decision made at head office.”

Trish Vale said that when she boarded the ship in Miami, everything seemed “normal.” But once the ship got out to sea, things went awry.

“We felt duped,” Vale told CTV News Channel on Tuesday. “We felt that this had been long planned and for many people on the ship, this was a cruise of a lifetime and a trip of a lifetime, so we were horrified at what was going on.”

Vale said the passengers became especially upset when they saw men in hazmat suits on board. Some passengers even took samples of debris to investigate themselves.


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Typo-tolerance is extremely important in modern search experiences for two reasons. First of all, with more and more usage occurring on mobile devices, typos are inevitable. Furthermore, for products with increasingly global userbases, not everyone will know the exact right way to spell a word — typo-tolerance is a powerful tool to support this growth.

Algolia provides robust typo-tolerance out-of-the-box, along with easy ways to customize just how tolerant a search experience should be.

Algolia’s typo-tolerance algorithm is based on the Damerau–Levenshtein distance, which is the minimum number of operations (character additions, deletions, substitutions, or transpositions) required to change one word into another.

two typos

Below are a few examples of typo counts for various queries against a record containing the text “michael.”

Typo count is the very first criterion considered in Algolia’s default ranking formula. Because Algolia uses a tie-breaking algorithm to determine ranking, this means that records containing exact query matches are considered more relevant than any others, regardless of other ranking criteria.

We recommend the Ranking Formula’s default configuration for the vast majority of use cases.

In addition to typos, Algolia handles splitting and concatenation — the insertion or removal of spaces or punctuation between two words. This way, “entert ainment” will match with “entertainment” and “jamesbrown” will match with “James Brown.”

These splits and concatenations are not considered typos, and they only work when there are no other typing mistakes.

Splitting and concatenation will only be performed when matching whole words , not prefixes. This means that “entert ainm” will not match “entertainment”, and that “jamesbro” will not match “james brown.”

whole words

Every search experience and userbase is different; that’s why Algolia makes it easy to configure exactly how typos are handled.

minWordSizefor1Typo (default: 4)

Typo-tolerance is only enabled once the query reaches a certain character length, defined in minWordSizefor1Typo . As soon as the word contains at least minWordSizefor1Typo characters, the engine will allow one typo in matches.

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