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Spicy Maple Salmon

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Blue Corn Breakfast Tacos with Salmon

Sesame Ginger Sweet Teriyaki Salmon

I agree with you on buying most groceries at Trader Joes (or a local chain) and then last minute stuff at Whole foods. There is a Whole foods two blocks from my place so its really convenient, but i try to limit my shopping there!

Definitely! Some more specialty items I get off of Amazon as well.

This looks simply amazing!! Can’t wait to try!

Hope you love it!

I’ve never heard of forbidden rice! This sounds delicious!

It has such an awesome flavor! Let me know if you try it

I had an unlimited membership at Crosstown up until fairly recently. After almost every workout I would end up at Whole Foods. I think wandering Whole Foods after an especially bada** CTF workout is one of my favorite pastimes. So dangerous for my disposable income. But so delightful.

Agreed! Nothing like a little sweaty walk around Whole Foods

Love forbidden rice!! Yum! Knowing where to buy seafood is such an art-form! I live in Seattle and we have a whole-foods like local chain that has the absolutely WORST seafood, but whole foods’ seafood is usually of fairly decent quality! I am glad to hear that you didn’t use Copper River in a marinade like this. It would be pointless to have paid so much per pound to cover the flavor. Its the added omega-3s that make it so special. A much more basic preparation really lets the unique flavors shine. (My fam is in the seafood biz – especially Alaskan salmon – can ya tell? HA!). Love salmon in bowls like this. So so good! But definitely not the right thing to splurge on copper river salmon for!

So interesting! And agreed – I’ll have to make a super simple dish with the fancy salmon

And always buy wild Alaska salmon – I live here. Copper River Kings are awesome, but don’t pass by sockeye, coho or pink! We don’t even avoid chum; but we can catch it fresh. Here’s an ADFG site that shows how to tell what they are. air jordan 17 copper gshock 0QlBZF

How do you obtain the nutritional information on your recipes?

Hi Cristina! I use an online nutritional calculator and make sure that each ingredient matches.

Here are some more examples of affirmation from my imaginary football world; notice how some of them are used in the face of failure, not just success:


“Well done, I’m impressed with your work today” (praise).

“There’s that determination again” (affirmation).

Dialogue 1

Player: “I’ve messed up here, right there” Coach: “You tried hard, and you are good at noticing where things go wrong ” Player: “Yes I did try, and I want to get this right”

Dialogue 2 1

Player: “I let the team down” Coach: “You don’t like that because you are a loyal team player” (affirmation)

Single Offerings

Is the word “affirmation” really just a fancy word for a “compliment”? My experience is that they are different. A compliment is something I offer someone else, a judgment I make and it usually involves using the word, “I”. Notice how the coach’s ego is left out of the examples above, and they mostly start with the word, “You”.

Last week I was walking on Clifton Downs in Bristol with a friend and his 20 year-old son, and he took us to the very spot where he took a successful penalty in his club game the weekend before. “My mind was super calm Dad” he said, “and I took hold of this idea you pointed out to me when I was ten remember, playing cricket? You said I was always super calm under pressure, so I just stood there, remembered that, and stared at the grass before I took the kick, and then whacked it with no stress at all”. Was that comment from his father an affirmation? A learning exercise often used in training counselors is to ask them who their favourite teacher was and why? “They believed in me” is the most common answer I’ve come across. Affirmation is a direct way of showing someone that you believe in them.

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on the difference between teaching and learning just recently on this website. I wonder whether praise is more associated with teaching, and affirming with learning? If that’s correct it points to the likelihood that praise and affirming are not just communication techniques, but reflections of different views of how coaching helps players to improve?

I’ve often seen praise in sport being used as a motivational pick-me-up by a coach who has the answers and is trying to get the player to absorb them, for example, “Well done, that was exactly right, now see if you can……”. Or if things go wrong, “Well done, good effort anyway, don’t worry, now see if you can…..”. This sounds a lot like what I termed the use of the righting reflex in our healthcare work, the almost instinctive and often unconscious tendency to see a problem and immediately try to fix it for the person. Is that what concerns Upton about teaching?

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> Segmentation

Segmentation refers to the act of segmenting data according to your company’s needs in order to refine your analyses based on a defined context, using a tool for cross-calculating analyses. The purpose of segmentation is to better understand your air jordan 11 legend blue online
, and to obtain actionable data in order to improve your website or mobile app. In concrete terms, a segment enables you to filter your analyses based on certain elements (single or combined). Segmentation can be done on elements related to a nike free runs nz online gambling
, as well as on elements related to multiple visits during a studied period. In the latter case, we refer to this segmentation as “visitor segmentation”.


A few examples of possible segments:

AT Internet’s Analytics Suite makes standard segmentation possible (on Level 2 sites, and on all analyses available in the menus), and also offers an advanced segmentation module containing a tool for cross-calculating your analyses, enabling you to refine your reports, as well as pre-calculated segments involving specific elements of your analyses.

Analytics Suite

Transform your data into action with our powerful and flexible digital analytics solution. From dashboards and cross-device analysis to data mining and exports, the Analytics Suite delivers the right information to the right people within your company.

Take control of your tagging with our modular, customisable SmartTag for web and mobile. Speed up implementation and improve load times.

Explore the depths of your digital performance. No matter your questions and queries, get answers by cross-calculating, filtering and correlating your data in just seconds.

Understand and drive your business at a glance! Create digital analytics dashboards that can be customised down to the pixel and shared across your company.

Extract and exploit your “big analytics data” to feed your data lake, machine learning and advanced analytics projects.

Make quicker and smarter decisions, without sifting through mountains of data! Use easy-to-understand reports that are jargon-free and tailored to your business.

Get rich mobile analytics, in-app, app store and benchmark data. Track mobile user engagement and retention over time.

The surgical approach depends on the tumor location and how much surrounding tissue was removed. For an area of skin that isn’t too deep, doctors may use a skin graft, or a small portion of the top layers of healthy skin. It’s usually taken from an area of your body where missing skin wouldn’t be noticeable, such as the inner thigh.

To fill in and close a larger or deeper opening of the skin, doctors may use a local flap, or a piece of nearby skin, which can include underlying fat and muscle. It is moved while it’s still attached to its current blood supply. Cartilage, the firm, white tissue that helps give structure to parts of the body such as the ears and nose, may also need to be moved during reconstruction.

Skin flaps are often left in place for several weeks as the surgical site heals. In a second surgery, they are contoured to match the appearance of the surrounding healthy skin and tissues. For example, areas of the nose can be repaired with a local skin flap from the cheek and cartilage from the ear. Doctors perform another surgery to remove any extra flap tissue and carefully reconstruct the shape of the nose with minimal scarring to the face.

Sometimes, if a large skin cancer needs to be removed, doctors may use free flaps of skin, fat, or muscle from a distant part of the body, such as the back or abdomen, to fill in areas where the cancer has been removed. These tissue flaps are called “free” because they are detached from their blood supply. Blood vessels are reattached at the site of repair.

After surgery, our doctors help scars heal properly. For example, they can carefully tape incisions after surgery and leave this tape in place for several days, to prevent scarring. If a scar becomes raised or red, doctors can inject the area with steroids, which helps flatten the tissue and remove the redness. Lasers can also treat discoloration.

Recovery time from basal and squamous cell cancer surgery varies, depending on the size of the tumor, whether lymph nodes were removed, and whether you undergo reconstruction.

Our doctors closely monitor you after surgery to ensure you are healing properly and to manage any discomfort, whether with medications or with our integrative health therapies .

Perlmutter Cancer Center specialists provide care and support during treatment.

Need help finding a cancer doctor? Call us at womens nike air max motion lw se glacier blue
or browse our specialists .

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